10 Things Stop

Motion Pros Do

10 great tips that you can use if you're just starting out in stop motion, or if you've been doing it for a little while and you're looking to improve. All the examples are shown with Lego but can be used in all types of stop motion.

10 More Things Stop Motion Pros Do

Another 10 top tips for improving your stop motion animations, whether they are Brickfilms, Claymations or any other kind.

Stop Motion Ideas

If you're struggling for ideas for your next stop motion animation - whether it's a brickfilm, a Claymation, or a stikbot animation - look no further. This video will give you 10 ways to come up with ideas, and you'll be inspired to start planning your next animation right away!

10 Tips for Building Your Brickfilm Set

If you're making a brickfilm, before you start building your sets for it, watch this video and see 10 tips that can make your life easier and make your stop motion look more professional.

3 Walk Cycles Everyone Should Know

Learn three different walk cycles you can use to animate your minifigure walking. Choose the one you need, depending on what frame rate you want to use.

Backflip tutorial

Learn how to animate a backflip, using masking. In this simple step by step guide, you'll see where you need to place your minifigure and bricks, how it looks masked and how it looks unmasked. Check the channel for a kick tutorial and for examples of punches.