From Novice to Champion: Behind the Scenes with Golden Morph winner, That 70's Kid and His Toys

Hi all, so I'm Jon the creator of the YouTube channel called That 70's Kid and his Toys. As the channel name says, I was a kid in the 70's and now as an adult I’m still as much of a kid who loves cartoons and stop motion animations.

Star Wars scene Mosley Cantina in Lego stop motion
That 70's Kid And His Toys have recreated several scenes from Star Wars: A New Hope

I made the channel 2 years ago as a way of showcasing my animations and for me to see how I can improve on my techniques; I like to think in that time I have learnt a lot and improved. I love watching other animators work especially behind the scenes videos as I am always learning how to improve my animations.

Mosley Cantine Star Wars Behind the Scenes on a Lego stop motion brickfilm
Behind the scenes on the Mosley Cantina scene, showing how Jon recreated the lighting from Star Wars: A New Hope

Most of my videos are Brickfilms because as a kid I loved playing with Lego, so it’s great now to be able to make those little plastic guys come alive. I have recently made a couple of videos using plasticine, as another of my childhood heroes was a plasticine guy called Morph. I used to watch him on a programme called Take Hart which was all about drawing, painting and all kinds of art.

Look behind the scenes as Wreck It Ralph and Spiderman fight it out in an arena stop motion battle
Recently, That 70's Kid has been working on Arena battle animations - here's a look behind the scenes

So a few months ago I made a couple of Morph stop motion animations to enter into a competition, it was the first time using plasticine to animate with and whilst is does give more motion in animation it also becomes soft and loses its shape quite quickly. So I made several morphs (6 in total) so when one became too soft or started losing its shape I swapped it out for another.

Morph claymation figures being made
Jon made several Morph figures so that he could switch over when one became too soft to work with

There were loads of great entries which is why it came as a big shock when I saw that I had won, as well as getting the Golden Morph trophy, what really made it for me was seeing Peter Lord (co-creator of Aardman animations) talk about my videos – a dream come true!

Golden Morph trophy for the competition winner
Jon won The Golden Morph trophy for his Morph animation only a couple of months after animating with plasticine for the first time

Over the years I have always preferred creative jobs and have been lucky enough to have worked as Graphic Designer, model maker at a few film studios and now a full-time wedding photographer. I also have 3 young children which keep me busy so I don't get as much time as I would like to make LEGO stop motion animations. But who knows one day my channel may take off and allow me to make YouTube videos as a job.

Lego stop motion brickfilm behind the scenes
Jon is a professional photographer, and it really shows in the quality of animations that he makes

As well as making stop motion videos I have also done a few behind the scenes videos showing how I make my animations which I hope are of use to some people. Pop over to my channel to have a look at what I do and if you have any questions or if there is anything you would like to see on my channel just ask.

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