10K Stop Motion Contest Winner & Top 20

10K Stop Motion Contest

The theme was "Hopes, Dreams, Fantasy". Part of the 10K 10 weeks of madness.

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"Heroes" is a stop motion contest we held in February & March 2019 with 113 entries


Gold or Puffin

For our 1st stop motion contest, entries had to include something gold or a puffin

10 Piece MOC Contest Top 10 & Winner thu

10 Piece MOC Contest

A contest to see who could make the best model out of only 10 Lego pieces!



Our 2nd stop motion contest, "Gifts", was held to celebrate reaching 5000 subscribers

9k MOC Contest Winner thumbnail cor_edit

MOC Contest #2

We held our second MOC contest in late 2019 to celebrate 9000 subscibers


MOC Contest #1

We held our first MOC contest in May and June 2018 to celebrate 4000 subscibers