Gold Puffin Hall of Fame

10K Stop Motion Contest Winner

10K Subscriber Special

Dafter Things

The theme for the 10K Stop Motion Contest was "Hopes, Dreams and Fantasy". This dark fantasy-themed mega / construx animation was perfectly executed in every respect, and immediately draws you into a dark and sinister world from which there might ultimately be no escape.

2nd My Own Creation Contest

9000 Subscriber Special


If you're not subscribed to Brickwolf yet, what are you waiting for? Brickwolf makes some of the best original Lego models on YouTube, and fully deserves your support. Subsribe and hit that notification bell to be the first to see outstanding MOCs like "Luke's Homestead on Tatooine", which was won the Gold Puffin 9k contest, getting more votes than the second and third place models combined! 

HEROES: 3rd Stop Motion Contest

7500 Subscriber Special

Animated Brick Builders

Animated Brick Builders won the 3rd Gold Puffin stop motion contest, Heroes, with their fantastic short brickfilm, Pink Tutu Batman v the Corn Gang.

2nd Stop Motion Contest

5000 Subscriber Special

SMG Films

SMG Films won with his short animation "Lego Robbery". There was no doubt that SMG Films was a worthy winner, but there were also fantastic entries from Amari Studios, TBB Animations, Lord Ringozinglyzong Productions, and a 5th place for theLEGObros. stop motion.

1st 'My Own Creation' Contest

4000 Subscriber Special


There were a lot of entries for the first Gold Puffin MOC ('My Own Creation') contest. I chose my top 10, and viewers voted for who they wanted to win. Swiftbricks won with her incredible Medieval House, but there were some other fantastic entries in the top 10 too!

1st Stop Motion Contest

2500 Subscriber Special

Amari Studios

Amari Studios won the first ever Gold Puffin stop motion contest, with a video called Lego Carrie's Cafe Episode 1: Robin Starts His First Day. The quality of the animation, the voice acting, and the engaging dialogue and story made this entry stand out from the rest.