The police station?

Perhaps Batman is visiting Commissioner Gordon at the police HQ?


Look in the Batcave

The Batcave is normally where Bruce can be found hidden away. But is he there now?

Visit Wayne Manor

Is Bruce at home today, or has he gone out looking for the Joker?


Check the prison

Could Batman have ended up in prison AGAIN?


Visit the forest

Batman isn't known for spending time in nature, but I suppose he COULD be in the forest

Archie's house thumbnail.jpg

Archie's pool

Even superheroes need to take time for a relaxing dip. Maybe Batman's at the pool?

The street 2 thumbnail.jpg

Search the street

Robin was looking for Batman earlier - can you help him search the streets?


Check the museum

Batman doesn't usually visit museums, but this one is loaded with precious artefacts!

The cafe.JPG

Drop in at the cafe

Batman likes coffee, so maybe he's taking a break at his favourite cafe