May 2019 Giveaway COMING SOON: Opens Monday 6th May

The rules vary from one giveaway to the next, but the following general rules normally apply, unless otherwise stated.

General giveaway rules:

  1. Watch the giveaway video and follow the instructions on how to enter. Usually it will involve some kind of guessing, and you will be asked to put your guess in a comment.

  2. You will not be disqualified for incorrect spelling - you don't need to spell things 100% correctly, but please try to get the spelling as close as you can because you won't be able to win if I can't understand your guess

  3. Only one guess is allowed per channel.

  4. If you win and you don't want the prize or you are not allowed to claim the prize, you can request a shout-out instead of the prize.

  5. Usually, to win you have to get the answer exactly right. Only the first person to guess the right answer will win. There is no second prize.

  6. If you edit your comment, your guess will not be counted.

  7. You are allowed to change your guess, but if you want to do that you must delete the comment which contains your original guess and then add your new guess as a new comment.

  8. Gold Puffin Lego Animation are the judge of who has won the competition and their say is final.

  9. You do not need to be a subscriber of Gold Puffin on YouTube to enter any of the contests or competitions on Gold Puffin

  10. The date when the competition closes will be stated in the video and in the description. The last time you can enter is at 11:59pm UK time on the date the competition closes. Gold Puffin may sometimes allow late entries, but we are under no obligation to do so.

  11. Anyone can enter, and the prize will be posted to the winner wherever they live in the world.

  12. The winner should claim their prize within 14 days of the winner being announced. If they do not claim their prize after 14 days, it may be given to another contestant or used as a prize in another giveaway.

  13. If you are under 18, it is best if you check with a parent or guardian before entering. The reason why I say this is because if you win and wish to claim your prize, you will need to email Gold Puffin to tell us the address where you want your prize to be sent. It is always best to check with a parent or guardian before giving out your address to anyone.

Editing comments

Please DO NOT EDIT YOUR COMMENT. Every contest I do, a lot of people edit their comments. The reason I ask you not to edit your comment is because the winner is the first person to get the correct answer. If you were allowed to edit your comment, you could just comment "First" as soon as the video is uploaded, then look at everyone else's comments to pick one that looks like the right answer, then edit your comment. It also messes with my head if people's comments keep changing, because I go through them in order, from the first one to the last, replying to them and checking to see who got it right. If the comments change after I've looked at them, I've got no hope of knowing who has won! For this reason, if you edit your comment, it is very likely that your comment will not be counted.