I recommend the Velbon Sherpa 200. It's sturdy, and easy to adjust, and not that expensive when compared to other tripods of a similar quality. With a tripod, you don't want to buy the cheapest thing available because it will be wobbly, it won't have a smooth pan action, and it may even struggle to bear the weight of your camera. I've used the Velbon Sherpa with a DSLR, with a phone, and with a Camcorder, and it's been great. I've used it for stop motion, for filming plays, for making documentaries, and for short films. I've shot indoors and outdoors, on beaches in the rain, in theatres, on the street, and in my room. It's never let me down, and allows for smooth panning and tilting. The legs are easy to adjust. As with almost every tripod, the platform easily clips out to allow you to screw the camera in place. The feet are non-slip.